Video Tutorials

Get started quickly with our easy-to-follow training videos

Getting Started

These tutorials provide a visual introduction to the main functional areas of ZionWorx. We hope they help communcate the ease with which ZionWorx can be picked up by even novice users. If you have any queries or suggestions please Contact us.

You can also watch them directly on YouTube

Presenting a Song

Learn the basics of how to find a song from the database and display it live with a theme applied.

Transferring Songs from ZionWorx 2.6

If you're an existing user of ZionWorx v2.6 this video will show you how to quickly transfer your songs from v2.6 and import them into your new ZionWorx 2014 database.

Managing and Using Media

A brief look at how to manage your image and video files, followed by an example of how to create a photo slideshow in a few clicks, and how to play a video clip.

Importing and Editing Songs

An explanation of the available song importing options and a detailed walk-through how to add a new song from basic lyrics and create a custom arrangement

Using Bibles

In this video you'll learn what options are available for getting Bible text into ZionWorx and how to select and display it effectively.

Alerts and QuickSlides

If you want to show a high-priority message in full view of your audience then an alert message is what you need. In this video you'll also learn about the QuickSlides feature which provides a convenient way to display simple text with themes and even live editing.

Setting up Live Video

A short guide to configuring multiple live video inputs and how to use the built-in vision mixing capabilities. See just how easy it is to get a live video feed behind your song words!

Understanding Themes

An introduction to the way themes are used in ZionWorx and how you can harness this powerful feature.

Theme Editor

Theme Editor

This is a more detailed tutorial about how to edit existing themes, and how to create and export your own themes for sharing with others. A must see if you are responsible for setting the style of what is presented

Configuring Options

ZionWorx 2014 is a large application with a lot of features and options. This video looks at those settings that aren't covered elsewhere, with information to help you get the most of the software on your PC.

Using Audio

A detailed look at the various ways to use audio within ZionWorx (v3.6.5.0 and later). From playing a standalone MP3 audio track to attaching audio to other playlist items, this tutorial covers all you need to know.