Our Privacy Policy

We take your personal information and privacy seriously.

This statement explains how our company (Jubilate Software Ltd.) collects, handles and processes data about our website visitors, software users and customers.

The Short Version...

  • We determine to collect, handle and process the absolute minimum personal information and PC software/hardware information necessary to operate our business.
  • Our only motivation in doing that is to provide you with a quality experience of our products and services.
  • We will never share your personal information with any affiliate, reseller or unrelated third parties to use for their own marketing purposes without your consent.
  • We select our partners and service providers on the basis of their security and confidentiality commitments and their compliance with data protection laws.

The Long Version...

What follows is a breakdown of exactly how we use your data with respect to our website and each of our software products:

1.  The Website (www.zionworx.com)

Our website uses minimal cookies required by the content management system we use.  You are welcome of course to disable/delete cookies in your web browser.  We also use Google Analytics in order to provide website performance and usage statistics.  This tool uses cookies and other identifiers to gather anonymous statistics about how a visitor navigates pages and how long they spend interacting with the website.
Please see Google's own explanation of how this works here.

If you send a message through the Contact page then we will collect your name and email address in the relevant form boxes, solely for the purpose of that conversation.

If you purchase anything through our online store then our payment provider, FastSpring, will collect and handle your personal information and payment information directly.  We do not store any payment information ourselves.  We receive an email notification of the order summary minus detailed payment information. This makes us aware of processed orders and improves our speed of response to any subsequent support requests.
You can find FastSpring's privacy policy here.

When a new customer purchases a software licence we add their email address to a specific customer mailing list. This mailing list is only used by us for the purpose of informing customers about software updates and to send periodic newsletters. Unsubscribe links are provided at the bottom of every email we send. Our mailing lists are handled by Mailchimp and you can find their privacy policy here.

2.  'ZionWorx' PC Software (including versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.x)

Our Windows software applications do not collect or use any personal information.

The software licensing system does collect some hardware-related information to generate a 'machine fingerprint' which is used to determine the licensed/unlicensed status of a software installation and to manage a trial period.  This technique known as 'hardware-locking' is typical of all software licensing systems that manage activations using a product key.

3.  'ZionWorx Remote' App (both Android and iOS versions)

Our mobile software applications do not collect or use any personal information.

The software does collect some platform-specific hardware/software identifiers (device name, device ID and operating system name and version number) in order to support the device authorisation feature for remote control operation. This information is passed to the ZionWorx PC software and stored locally on that PC in the application settings, to overcome the inconvenience of manual user authorisation at the time of every connection.


Any Questions?

We welcome any questions you may have about our Privacy Policy.

Please get in touch with us by sending an email to: support@jubilatesoftware.com