The Story So Far

Occasionally people ask how ZionWorx started and what brought it all into being. This is Christian's story...

Finances and Team Members

For the first 2 years after launch I managed to personally fund the cost of developing and supporting ZionWorx.  I was very concerned to be faithful to my original commitment to "give it away for free".  But eventually the costs became too much to carry.  By 2004 I really needed to buy a license upgrade for the development software I used to program ZionWorx.  This costed £300 at the time which was money I didn't have.  By this time Edd Stonham had joined with me to help developing a new website.  After careful consideration we decided to accept free-will donations through the website from anyone who felt they wanted to help us meet financial needs.  Within the next 2 months God provided the £300 that was needed through direct donations!  This has been the pattern ever since.  We have always had enough money in the project bank account to cover all the needs of the project, but never a massive bank balance. 

God knows what we need and has always resourced the project perfectly through prompting others to help us.

This is a powerful testimony to how God always pays for the work He wants to be done, when it's done on His terms.  There have been times when we haven't received any donations for months, and other times when we received £100's in one month.  God knows what we need and has always resourced the project perfectly through prompting others to help us.

ZionWorx began life as a one-man-band but since 2005 I've been privileged to work with 2 talented software developers and great friends.  Kuok-Tim Cheek from Malaysia contributed significantly to the project during 2005/6, and Chris Clark from New Zealand joined shortly afterwards.  Chris and I now work together on development from opposite sides of the globe.  While the time difference presents us with some challenges, communication is actually very good. What I find remarkable is that I've never looked for people to help, but rather God has prompted the ideal people to join the team and offer their contribution.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

(May 2012)

Please note that this article needs updating to include the period from 2012 to present day and the rollercoaster journey to develop and lanuch our current product.

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